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Wrigley Field Expansion - Wrigley Field Renovations

Recent Wrigley Expansion and Wrigley Field News:
Cubs to begin clubhouse construction in weeks 07/14/2014
Ongoing Negotiations with the Wrigleyville Rooftop Association 07/11/2014
Updated Wrigley Renovation Timeline
Landmarks Commission Unanimously Approved Revised Wrigley Plan
Landmarks commission staff recommends approving Wrigley plans 07/10/2014
Cubs agree to mayor’s Wrigley renovation conditions 07/09/2014
Mayor Encourages Cubs and Rooftops to Continue Negotiations
Neighbors balk at Cubs’ revised plans for Wrigley Field 07/08/2014
Rooftop owners agree not to sue Cubs if only 2 signs 07/04/2014
Wrigley rooftops lose defamation lawsuit 07/01/2014

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Wrigley Field SunWrigley Field Sun
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No Triangle Building! Build a park!

Over the past couple of years, the Chicago Cubs have released news and artist renderings of the proposed Triangle building. On behalf of Cubs fans out there, we are proposing our own idea on how to best utilize the land to the west of Wrigley Field. This land should be used to build a park that can be used year round by Cubs fans, visitors to Chicago, and the Wrigleyville community. We need your support Cubs fans. Let your voice be heard. Sign our petition!

Here is an artist's rendering of the proposed park to the west of Wrigley Field:

Proposed view of park facing north (Click drawing for larger size)

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