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Wrigley Expansion - Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs

Construction Photos are here

Cubs unveil latest Wrigley expansion plans


Behind Bleachers

Aerial view
A multi-purpose building fills a triangular area immediately west of Wrigley Field, in this artist's rendering of the proposed expansion looking east across Clark Street toward the ballpark. (Chicago Cubs)

Game day promenade
An open-air pedestrian parkway separates a proposed multi-purpose building (left) and today's Wrigley Field. Ownership of the area, formerly a railroad right-of-way, is disputed by the Cubs and the city. (Chicago Cubs)

Looking south
Drawings of a five-story commercial building on land adjacent to Wrigley that would include a new restaurant, a store carrying Cubs merchandise and a parking garage with about 400 spaces that will be open year-round.

Looking north
A view looking north across Clark Street depicts land immediately west of Wrigley Field with a proposed multi-purpose building containing a theme restaurant, shops, restrooms, parking and player facilities.
(Chicago Cubs)

Wind Screen

View from Sheffield before wind screens were put up

Sheffield and Waveland

Sheffield and Waveland (artist's rendering

Traffic Meeting (from NBC 5 Chicago)


To Mayor Daley (from local Chicago news)

Expanded bleacher on rooftop on Sheffield Ave.

Rooftops on Waveland Ave.

Sheffield Ave.

Bleacher overhang - sidewalk (artist's rendering

Bleacher overhang - sidewalk (artist's rendering)

Proposed bleacher expansion (artist's rendering

Proposed bleacher expansion (artist's rendering

Waveland Ave.

Proposed bleacher expansion (artist's rendering

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Wrigley Expansion - Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs