Wildcats vs. Illini at Wrigley

The Cubs and Northwestern University are expected to announce Friday that Northwestern and Illinois will play a Big Ten football game at Wrigley Field on Nov. 20. The ballpark, which has been the Cubs’ home since 1916, also was the home stadium for the Chicago Bears’ NFL team from 1921-70.

Officials from the Cubs, Northwestern and the Bears will hold a news conference Friday at Wrigley to announce the game.

When the Bears played at Wrigley, they added a portable bleacher section that spanned the right and center field areas and covered most of the existing bleacher seating. With the additional seating, Wrigley’s football capacity was around 46,000. The football field at that time ran north to south, so it went from left field to the foul side of first base.

Yankee Stadium will be the host site for the Notre Dame-Army game on the same date, Nov. 20, and also the host for a college football bowl game between the Big East Conference and the Big 12 Conference.


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