Watch Cubs playoff game from Wrigley rooftop

The owners of the Chicago Cubs stand to make a lot more money selling playoff tickets in the weeks ahead than they did during last year’s postseason run thanks to the buildings they now own across the street.

Next month’s playoff games will be the first at Wrigley Field since the Ricketts family purchased four of the 10 rooftop businesses it now controls next to the ballpark and rebranded all of them under one website,

Now fans who can’t get their hands on pricey tickets inside the ballpark are shelling out a lot of cash to watch the games from those buildings instead.

Rooftop tickets for the 10 potential home playoff games starting Oct. 7 are dynamically priced, a strategy the team uses to maximize ticket revenue inside Wrigley Field.

That means the rooftop tickets, which include unlimited food and beverage packages, fluctuate in price based on demand. The fewer there are available, the higher the rooftops can raise the prices.

For the first two games of the National League Division Series, for example, some tickets last week sold for $188 apiece for the least desirable views. Other price points for tickets to more in-demand rooftops were $217, $229 and $247.

As of today, tickets to many of the rooftops for the NLDS games are sold out. So remaining tickets to 3609 N. Sheffield Ave. (the rooftops farthest south on the street) now start at $217, while others are priced at $247, $265 or $310.

For the first two games of the National League Championship Series, prices range from $245 down the right field line to $368 for a view from 1032 W. Waveland Ave. overlooking the Nuveen Investments sign in left field.

The site has not yet listed prices for World Series tickets.

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