Video Board in Left Field and the See-Through Budweiser sign

Julian Green confirmed to the Sun-Times that the video board in left field and the see-through Budweiser sign in right field will be installed in 2015. Green addressed the five additional outfield signs that the team received approval to install from the Landmarks Commission and once those sponsorships are sold those signs will be installed as quickly as possible.

The Cubs are moving forward with the project despite the pending legal action from the Wrigleyville Rooftop Association. The rooftops filed a lawsuit last month against the City of Chicago and the Commission on Chicago Landmarks to overturn the approval the Cubs were given to proceed with the Wrigley Field project. According to the latest report from the Sun-Times, in the lawsuit “club owners claim the revenue-sharing agreement gives them a legally protected interest in their views of Wrigley Field” and “they also accuse the team of using strong-arm tactics by attempting to coerce them into selling their businesses.”

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