Trial set for ex-Wrigley rooftop exec accused of bilking Cubs

Marc Hamid’s lawyers say the Chicago Cubs have a “reason to be angry” at the former Wrigleyville rooftop owner.

The one-time Skybox on Sheffield executive played a role in the unsuccessful federal lawsuit that sought to block construction of a right-field Jumbotron at Wrigley Field in 2015. But the same year, a federal grand jury threw a curve ball and accused Hamid in an indictment of bilking the Cubs and local governments out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The relationship between the North Siders and their neighboring rooftop businesses has so soured that the feds accused Hamid’s lawyers of once complaining his criminal troubles were “started by the Cubs.” But the feds also say the Cubs had nothing to do with it — they’ve been digging into Hamid’s businesses since at least November 2012, and they’re preparing to take him to trial Monday.

Hamid’s lawyers aren’t expected to pin his legal troubles on the Cubs. But the team’s legal disputes with the rooftops could come up during the proceedings, which are expected to last between two and three weeks in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Thomas M. Durkin.

The case revolves around royalty agreements, attendance reports, amusement taxes and invoices printed out and stored in Hamid’s so-called “game day folders.” The feds say their investigation began with a tip from a former Hamid associate, and they’ve indicated they may call representatives of the Cubs, Goose Island, Groupon, StubHub and Ticketmaster to testify, among others.

But Hamid’s attorneys have taken a combative stance in court filings. They’ve accused one government witness of telling an “extravagant lie” and stealing cash from the rooftop business. And they’ve accused another of joining — the dating website for married people — and hiring prostitutes in Las Vegas and Chicago “while he was supposed to be working.”

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