Tom Ricketts assures Cubs fans Wrigley Field will be ready

Despite appearances, Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said Wrigley Field will be ready for its close-up next Monday for the home opener.

“Obviously there’s a lot of construction going on around the outside, and there will be a lot of parts that will be fenced off,” he said. “But the park will be ready for opening day for the fans. And for the players, the clubhouse, there might be a few things that get done over the next few days, but the players should be pretty happy, too. It’s going to be cool.”

Last year’s opening night fiasco after construction delays featured bathroom issues that caused long lines and forced the Cubs to bring in port-a-potties the first few weeks of the season.

Ricketts reiterated that with the new metal detectors installed at Wrigley’s gates, as mandated by MLB, fans should expect a little longer wait and are advised to get to the park early on Monday’s opener.

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