Takin’ care of business

Season ticket prices going up for premium matchups

December 4, 2009, 8:23 PM

By: Bruce Levine

The Cubs are also close to naming a permanent sponsor for the new 60-foot-high sign that will go up on a billboard attached to the left center field bleachers. This new signage will also block the present sign located at the corner building of Waveland and Kenmore that advertises a northwest Indiana casino. Budweiser and their Bud Light brand is one of the three major sponsors that are vying to appear on the signage.

Cubs’ season ticket prices have gone up 12 percent on club box seats for the 26 games which are considered their highest-profile matchups, such as the White Sox games and key summer rivalries between May and September. However, the good news is that over 50 percent of the seats sold for the season will remain at the same price as 2009, or in some cases, a bit less. The Bleacher Bums can celebrate that all bleacher seats will remain just about the same price in 2010 as they were in 2009.

Also among the new features and seating locations the team will offer in 2010 are 700 new seats made available for season ticket holders that in the past which were known as “Tribune seats” or house seats not sold on a daily basis. Seven hundred people off of the 120,000 person waiting list for Cubs seats will be able to choose from these new seats, or other locations where box seat holders have given up their tickets to be upgraded to these new areas.

Also, skyboxes 1-6 on the very end of the left field luxury boxes will be made into a new Wrigley Field club where people can buy season tickets for the first time. This luxury seating area will include food and drinks. The cost of the tickets are yet to be determined, and the new club will seat 80 people. The seats will be sold in twos and fours. Luxury boxes Nos. 6-8 will be reconfigured as the Ricketts’ family luxury box/office at Wrigley. The family will use this area to do business, as well as entertain when the occasion arises.


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