Sticking points remain between Cubs, rooftop owners as talks continue

Extra-inning talks continued into the weekend over the Ricketts family’s proposal to rehab Wrigley Field, with Mayor Rahm Emanuel stepping up to the plate as agreement between the Cubs and rooftop club owners remained elusive, sources familiar with the talks said.

On Saturday, the sources identified the sticking points: The size, shape and precise location of a Jumbotron-like video screen in left field and another new sign in right field, compensation for blocked views from rooftop buildings and an extension of a revenue-sharing contract between the team and the rooftop owners.

The rooftop owners would like more detail about the signs, and were concerned that the one proposed for right field would be nearly three times larger than the semi-transparent Toyota sign now in left field, one source said. The rooftop clubs want to extend their deal with the team, but Cubs ownership opposes that.

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