Ricketts: No deal on renovating the Cubs’ ‘best option’

With a deadline for getting a deal done with the City of Chicago on a Wrigley Field renovation today, Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts says that the two sides have not reached a deal.

However, Ricketts is willing to “commit to the process,” as one City Hall source told me this morning, with the City, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Thomas Tunney.

“Our goal has always been to stay at Wrigley Field and we worked very hard all weekend long as we try to get a deal done,” Ricketts told me this morning. “The mayor has been great and so has the alderman. We have agreed to continue our dialogue with the City of Chicago.”

Ricketts has had many in and outside his inner circle telling him to look at other options outside of Wrigley, but he has remained steadfast in his hopes of staying at Wrigley Field for the long term and continued that mantra today.

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