Plaza and New Gate

-Western Gate to Wrigley Field will be ready to go and open for Opening Night, as will be the plaza.

– The plaza will be open only to ticket holders. In order to accomplish this there will be planter boxes on the Clark Street side and, presumably, security folks checking tickets.

– The Starbucks planned for the plaza building should be ready by Opening Night as well, and there will also be a team store in the building, which will be completed “by early April.”

–  Sometime in March, the team will announce events that will be happening in the plaza during the season. There will be an area where the World Series trophy will be on display so that everyone can see it.

– Below the plaza building, they are installing a large food preparation area including a pizza kitchen for Giordano’s pizza, so a lot of the food prep that had been done off-site will now be done at Wrigley.

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