Phase 2 of Wrigley Construction

• Cubs Clubhouse – The Cubs will go from the worst clubhouse in baseball to the second largest in the game and a state of the art facility. The Cubs 30,000 square foot space includes locker rooms for the players and coaches, a strength and conditioning center, training and hydrotherapy areas, player lounge, media center and team offices.
• Former/Old Clubhouse – The Cubs former clubhouse will be developed in order to make the dugout larger and will include two underground batting cages, an auditorium and additional office space.
• Concessions Prep and Staging Area – A new, 30,000 square-foot concessions preparation and staging area will be added below the plaza.
• Third Base Club – The team is building an area for premium and Season Ticket Holders adjacent to the batting tunnels in order for fans to get a view of the players batting practice.
• Seats and Concrete – The seats and most of the concrete from the left field foul pole to the main gate under the marquee will be replaced and the third base side concourse will be completed that includes new concessions and bathrooms in the area.
• Right Field Upper Deck – Enhancements are scheduled to be made to the right field upper deck that includes the development of a new outdoor concourse along the south and west roofline of Wrigley Field, the plan calls for additional concession and bathrooms for the area.
• Completion of the Bleacher Restoration and Expansion
• New grounds crew space
• The Bullpens: Part of Phase Two of the 1060 Project was to move the bullpens, currently located in foul ground down the first and third base lines, under the left and right field bleachers. A new area was scheduled to be built in which the bullpens would be enclosed the under the bleachers.
• Outdoor plaza and office building with first floor retail

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