Noise alert at empty Wrigley Field

The Cubs won’t be playing at home on Friday, but a noise alert was still necessary.

The team sent e-mails to neighborhood residents to warn them of sound testing on Friday at Wrigley Field in preparation for the opening of the left and centerfield bleachers on Monday.

With the new sound system and a jumbo-sized video board, the noise level has been a problem in the first month of the season as the Cubs try to make it loud enough for fans in the ballpark without disturbing the neighbors.

The Cubs’ message read: “Our sound engineers continue to make adjustments to improve our new system. In preparation for our next homestand, we will be conducting sound testing Friday, May 8. While testing in an empty ballpark is not ideal, it is necessary to ensure proper sound system functionality before the opening of the left and center field bleachers on May 11. All testing should conclude by 8 p.m.”

The Cubs added: “We are determined to balance existing levels and are committed to finding the right sound volume and direction for Wrigley Field and the surrounding community. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to make these adjustments.”


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