Landmarks Commission Unanimously Approved Revised Wrigley Plan

The Cubs received unanimous approval from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks on the team’s revised plan to restore, expand and renovate Wrigley Field. The Landmarks Commission approved seven outfield signs, five more than the two that were approved a year ago. The Cubs received approval for a large video board in left field and a see-through sign in right field last summer.

The Cubs revised plan calls for the left field video board to be 3,990 square feet, a reduced size from the 5,700 square-foot board that the team already received approval to install. The additional five signs “cannot be dynamic (no flashing or moving lights) and cannot be billboards.”

The revised plan calls for “additional seats, more lights, bigger clubhouses and a relocation of the bullpens from foul territory to a spot under the bleachers.” The Cubs revealed Thursday the revised plan also includes five new suites, “four in right field and one bigger suite in left field.”

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