Kenney: More Cubs statues coming to Wrigley

Cubs president Crane Kenney tells the Tribune the organization has plans to add more statues of former star players around Wrigley Field.

Hall of Fame outfielder Billy Williams had his statue dedicated Tuesday night at the corner of Sheffield and Addison. Ernie Banks’ statue, dedicated in 2008, is situated near the corner of Clark and Addison.

“I think you are seeing the beginning,” Kenney said. “The statues are popular with our fans, and they certainly are a great way to pay tribute to living players that helped put us on the map. And I think it’s fair to say we will probably continue.”

Williams has spent 52 years in the Cubs organization as a player, coach and executive.

“It is obviously deserving and it is something that we wanted to do,”
said Kenney. “We brought this (idea) to Tom (Ricketts), I guess a little
before spring training. He embraced the idea. We talked to Billy and
(Williams’ wife) Shirley and they were thrilled. It was a long time

“The (Ricketts) family is very cognizant of the role that Ernie and
Billy and Ron (Santo) and Fergie (Jenkins) and everyone played in
building this great franchise. Rewarding them with small things like
statues is the least that we can do.”

Tom Ricketts embraces the idea of acknowledging legends of the Cubs franchise.

“I think people here knew it was time to do something for Billy. He’s
such a wonderful man,” said Ricketts. “Not only was he such a great
player, but he has been a classy member of this organization for all of
these years. So it just made sense to go ahead and do that.”

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