Jim Beam, Robby Gordon Help Keep Wrigley Field Unbranded

July 11, 2008

Jim Bean, and its “The Stuff Inside” campaign, have partnered with NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver and owner Robby Gordon to save Chicago’s Wrigley Field from being corporatized like every other stupid-sounding stadium in America. Seriously. How for a hundred years did stadiums survive without brand having to plaster their names all over them? Oh yea…those greedy agents and professional athletes are getting paid such obscene amounts of money someone has to pay for it. Why not a willing brand?

For his run at the Chicagoland Speedway this weekend, Gordon has plastered the hood of his car with “SaveOurName.com,” a website that is the center of the effort to build grass roots support for “saving” Wrigley Field.No doubt, it’s an uphill battle but why should Jim Beam capitalize on it so it can look like the good guy? That is until is signs a deal with the ball club and Wrigley Field becomes Jim Beam Park? OK, so maybe that won’t happen but, seriously, are Chicago fans going to pony up the multi-millions of dollars needed to keep the club afloat and a brand’s name off the Field? Unlikely. Though we appreciate the support and the effort.


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