History of the Caretaker’s House

The house at 1053 Waveland Ave. was built during a major renovation of then-Cubs Park between the 1922-1923 seasons and reportedly cost $6,000. It was William Wrigley Jr.’s idea to build the home and offer it free of rent to Bobby Dorr, Cubs grounds superintendent from 1919 to 1957, if he would live at the park and watch over the property.

Dorr and his family accepted the offer and moved into the home in 1923. Considered one of the best grounds superintendents in baseball, Wrigley Field was often referred to as “Bobby Dorr’s House.” Dorr lived there until his death in 1957.

Following Dorr’s passing, long-time Cubs traveling secretary Bob Lewis moved his office into the caretaker’s house that he also called home. Upon Lewis’ full retirement, the home served as an office for the traveling secretary and home secretary and storage for the next several years. Most recently, it has been used as office space for the concessionaires at the ballpark.

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