Fall Out Boy wants to play Wrigley Field again

Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz got a taste of performing at Wrigley Field last year and he’d like to be part of the ballpark’s future concert lineup.

“It does make me think, what are the next steps for our band? We’re in such an in-between thing. We’re not a legacy act, and we’re not in this echelon of bands that automatically plays the halftime show,” Wentz told Rolling Stone magazine when asked he how feels about turning 37 in June.

“We’re not there yet. And that’s OK. There’s still more for us to do. How do we play Wrigley Field? How do we headline festivals?”

Fall Out Boy, which hails from the North Shore, performed a short set at Wrigley Field before the Cubs season opener against the St. Louis Cardinals April 5. The band is scheduled to play the United Center March 12.

Phish, Pearl Jam, Billy Joel, country music star Luke Bryan and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter James Taylor are set to hold Wrigley Field concerts this summer.

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