Drill At Wrigley Field Aims To Prepare Police And Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are taking advantage of the All-Star break for a new drill in emergency preparedness.

Wrigley Field will partner with the Chicago Police Department on Thursday for an emergency response exercise inside the ballpark, the Cubs announced. The Office of Emergency Management, the Chicago Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services also will participate.

From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., staff and emergency personnel will simulate an active shooter situation, the Cubs said. The exercise will include simulated gunshots, helicopters and flashbangs — explosive devices designed to distract a suspect.

Waveland Avenue will be closed from Clifton to Kenmore avenues for both vehicles and pedestrians during the exercise.

Police said it’s the first time the ballpark has conducted this training in coordination with the city and likely the first active shooter simulation at a Chicago sports venue. A follow-up session will take place later in the year, an officer said.

A Cubs spokesman did not immediately confirm whether Thursday’s exercise would be a first for Wrigley Field.

Neighbors with questions can email neighbors@cubs.com.

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