Cubs to seek city approval for proposed Wrigley Field changes

The Cubs will ask the Commission on Chicago Landmarks next month for the go-ahead to put up a 75-foot electronic sign in right field at historic Wrigley Field if the city insists that approval is required, a team official said Monday.

In 2004, the City Council landmarked “historic elements” of Wrigley as part of an agreement that paved the way for 12 more night games — for a maximum of 30 per season.

The designation covered the exterior and marquee sign at Clark and Addison, the quaint center field scoreboard and ivy-covered brick walls and the uninterrupted sweep of the bleachers and grandstand.

Technically, the new LED sign unveiled at the Cubs Convention over the weekend — along with a right field patio deck that amounts to a “rooftop inside the stadium” — does not require Landmarks Commission approval.

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