Cubs sell batter’s eye naming rights to Pepsi

The Pepsi logo will be much more prominent around Wrigley Field this season thanks to a renewed corporate partnership between the team and the soft-drink giant.

The latest in a string of new sponsorship agreements to put advertising all over the 102-year-old ballpark is an extension of Pepsi’s Cubs deal, which includes naming rights to the batter’s eye section in center field below the original scoreboard.

Renamed the Pepsi Batter’s Eye, the area will feature the Pepsi logo on the center-field bleacher facade just above the green batter’s eye section. In addition, the Cubs will add four reserved seats just above the facade.


The horizontal signage above the center field batter’s eye section will adorn a Pepsi logo this season.

As well as the center-field signage, Pepsi will tie its brand to a series of fan experiences at Wrigley such as participating in the operation of the center-field scoreboard controls from the press box, presenting the line-up card and saying “play ball” over the PA system at the start of a Cubs home game. Other experiences include playing catch in the outfield prior to games and watching batting practice from the field.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Pepsi is not one of the Cubs’ top-tier Legacy Partner sponsors, most of which committed to 10-year sponsorship agreements. The Pepsi agreement is for a shorter term than those partnerships, according to a source familiar with the deal.

The Cubs have added a slew of new sponsorship partners over the past year, which has coincided nicely with a resurgence on the field.

Industry experts estimate the team’s signage assets at Wrigley Field are worth as much as 30 percent more than they were before the 2015 season, when the Cubs made a run at the National League Championship Series.

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