Cubs request permit for right field Wrigley sign


In an escalation of the battle between the Chicago Cubs and the owners of rooftop clubs with views into Wrigley Field, the team has filed a permit application for a right-field advertising sign that would partially block the lucrative sightlines from the rooftops.

The sign is part of the overall $500 million team plan to renovate the stadium and the develop nearby land, one that has been stalled for several months because of the threat by rooftops to sue the Cubs if they blocked the views. Today’s action could trigger such a lawsuit.

The action comes after talks between the Cubs and rooftop owners hit a roadblock last week over the right field advertising sign, an even larger Jumbotron-like sign slated for left field and recent Cubs convention rhetoric. Rooftop owners last week sent a message by filing a lawsuit over a matter unrelated to the outfield signs.

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