Cubs Reportedly Having Internal Discussions About Moving

Dan Bernstein leaked the news on Twitter last week “the Cubs frustration with the rooftops’ intransigence is high enough that they are discussing the unavoidable prospect of options elsewhere.” Bernstein’s report on Twitter surfaced two days after Keith Olbermann labeled the Cubs as the worst in sports for mentioning a possible move out of Wrigley Field while the organization is preparing a year-long celebration for the ballpark. The park currently known as Wrigley Field hosted its first game on April 23, 1914. The Cubs played their first game at the corner of Clark and Addison on April 20, 1916.

Dan Bernstein followed up his blurb on Twitter with a full report indicating sources told WSCR “the Cubs are finally having internal conversations about the team moving elsewhere.” Bernstein pointed out the Ricketts family does not want to move the team out of Wrigley and “probably will not.” But the delay with the rooftop club owners has “finally forced” the family “to consider all avenues available.”

The report paints Tom Ricketts as being at his “wit’s end over the construction delays” and he “underestimated the headaches ahead when he purchased the team, and his nature isn’t that of so many other owners in pro sports: pugnacious, competitive deal-makers.” Bernstein added Ricketts “has tried too hard to be a good neighbor and fellow fan, and all it did was put him and his team at a disadvantage.”

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