Cubs get OK on tweaked night game, security rules

In the latest step toward a Wrigley Field renovation, a city panel today gave the thumbs up to a new ordinance that reduces the maximum number of night games the Cubs can schedule, but gives them more flexibility to do so.

Under the new rules, the team would reduce the maximum number of scheduled night games to 43 from 46, the number approved by the City Council in June.

In return, the city would drop its authority to veto days and times chosen for rescheduled night games, which it had under the previous deal.

Also part of the ordinance approved today by the Committee on License and Consumer Protection were new rules about security after games, parking and concerts.

The ordinance increases the number of security personnel on hand outside Wrigley Field after Cubs games, requiring that no less than 10 Chicago police officers are within a mile of the stadium for two hours after games (three hours for Friday and Saturday games). The team would also pay for at least an additional 10 security personnel.

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