Cubs fans have a place to wait an eternity for a title

April 27, 2009

Fans of the team that hasn’t won the World Series in 101 years now have a place where they can wait forever for a title if necessary.

A red brick wall designed to resemble the one in dead center at Wrigley Field has been erected in a North Side cemetery and is ready to accept the cremated remains of Cubs fans — inside $800 Cubbie urns if they wish.

The wall with its stained-glass scoreboard has what Fans Forever president Dennis Mascari likes to call “skyboxes” to accommodate 288 “season-ticket holders.”

There are four seats from Wrigley where loved ones can sit and recall shared afternoons at the ballpark.

“You can bring your family out here, you can have a game of catch,” said Mascari, who envisions the 32-foot-long wall at Bohemian National Cemetery at Foster and Pulaski as a sort of eternal field of dreams.

He said that if the wall fills up, he wants to add a left field wall topped by a stained-glass rooftop scene and a right field wall topped by a rendition of the bleachers and the L that runs behind Wrigley.

None of it sounds farfetched to Jim Simkins, an owner of a funeral home in Morton Grove who attended the wall’s dedication.

“If you read the death notices, they always say ‘Die-hard Cubs fan,’ ‘Grandma couldn’t wait any longer for the Cubs to win the pennant’ or something like that,” he said, chuckling. “Well, now they can wait there with all the other suffering fans.”


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