City Plan Commission approves Wrigley Field revamp

With a surprise about-face by Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), the Chicago Plan Commission on Thursday approved the Cubs’ $500 million plan to renovate Wrigley Field and develop the land around it.

Tunney’s acquiescence — after another round of concessions from the Cubs and a promise to “continue dialogue” about a pedestrian bridge over Clark Street — appears to avert a City Council floor fight over aldermanic privilege that would have been a bitter redux of the 2008 showdown over a Children’s Museum in Grant Park.

The City Council’s Zoning Committee and the full City Council are expected to approve the Wrigley development next week.

The alderman’s about-face came after he spent the morning button-holing colleagues to support him in upholding the long-standing tradition of deferring to the local alderman on zoning and planning issues.

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