City Getting Ready For Big Cubs Crowds For Game 7 Of World Series

Win or lose, Chicago police said they’re prepared for crowds in Wrigleyville during the decisive Game 7 of the World Series, when crowds of Cubs fans are almost certain to be the biggest we’ve seen yet.

Hundreds of uniformed and undercover police officers were expected to be deployed on Wrigleyville streets to monitor the crowds at bars and neighborhood parties.

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications will keep an eye on the whole city via its emergency operations center.

“We ask everybody to please enjoy and behave appropriately but we’ll have plenty of resources to handle situations that dictate it,” Police Deputy Chief Steve Georgas said.

Crowds for Wrigleyville bars started lining up before dawn while the Cubs were playing at home for Games 3, 4, and 5 this past weekend. Some places charged a cover of up to $250, though it was not clear if bars would be jacking up entrance fees for Game 7.

Police have reported no major problems with fans so far, save the occasional pole climbing or barricade pushing.

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