Captain Morgan Club to make Wrigley Field debut on Opening Day

Posted by Phil Vettel at 5:35 p.m. CDT

You can almost hear the ka-ching! coming from Wrigleyville.

The Chicago Cubs announced today that the renovated restaurant space in the southeast corner of Wrigley Field, formerly known as the Friendly Confines Cafe, will now be known as the Captain Morgan Club.

Wait, didn’t Joe Morgan play for the Reds?

Of course, the new space is not named after the Hall of Fame second baseman. It’s named for a brand of rum. Can you say, “product placement”?

The CMC will be operated by the Harry Caray Restaurant Group, and will be open to fans with and without game tickets (only ticketed fans will be allowed access to the stadium). In fact, the Club is designed to be a year-round venue; the open-air space will have ceiling fans for extra-hot days and will be enclosed and heated when it’s cold.

Thirty flat-screen TVs will allow fans to take a Club break without missing any game action, there will be appearances by Cub players from time to time, plus celebrity seventh-inning stretch performers.

“Hey Chicago, whaddaya say, let’s drink a rum and Coke today…”

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