Battle between Cubs and rooftops heating up

The Cubs have run into a snag of their own making: The team has a 20-year revenue-sharing agreement with the owners of those rooftops — and the owners hate the idea of signs that might block the view. The contract doesn’t expire until 2023 and the fight could wind up in court.

“I want them to be successful and win the World Series, but do you have to block out the rooftops that created the aura of Wrigley Field (and) made Wrigley the darling of Major League Baseball?” asked George Loukas, an owner of three rooftop businesses.

This is not necessarily a case of a franchise valued by Forbes at $1 billion getting tough on mom and pop.

Many of the owners are wealthy. There are real estate executives, tavern owners, ticket brokers and even a rancher. Just three years ago, the Ricketts family — yes, the family that now owns the Cubs — invested in one of the rooftops so it could reopen.

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