1/17/10 Wrigley & Cubs business

Wrigley Field will be 100 years old in 2014. “On the 100th anniversary, let’s have the ballpark ready for another 100 years,” team president Crane Kenney said Saturday during a business management seminar at the Cubs Convention. Kenney said they are looking at plans for the so-called Triangle building, proposed for the land west of Wrigley along Clark Street. It would house offices, restaurants, parking, possibly a Hall of Fame, and provide space for some of the player facilities. Kenney said fans can expect to see more construction at Wrigley over the next few years.

Other highlights from the session:

* There has been no talk about selling the naming rights. “I can’t imagine the day the ballpark is not called ‘Wrigley Field,'” Kenney said.

* There are no plans to do personal seat licenses (PSL) at Wrigley.

* There are no plans for Friday or Saturday night games. Those aren’t neighborhood friendly. The Cubs currently are allowed 30 night games at home. There are only 27 on the schedule to give national television a chance to pick a game for a night broadcast.

* The Cubs make twice as much broadcasting games on cable compared to games on WGN. There are talks about the team having its own network, but that’s a few years away.

* Kenney said they’ll leave the fireworks and the mascots to the team on the South Side. “We always come down on the side of tradition,” Kenney said. A show of hands showed fans favored installing a Jumbotron, but the Cubs are still discussing that.

* What about Wrigley hosting the 2014 All-Star Game? The Cubs have talked to MLB commissioner Bud Selig and Kenney said they are “hopeful.” However, MLB is alternating American League cities and National League cities, and an AL city would be up in 2014.

— Carrie Muskat


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