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Why does chromium carbide have hardness

What is chromium carbide?

Chromium carbide ( Cr3C2) is gray powder with metal gloss; Orthorhombic system; The thickness is 6.68 g/cm3; The melting factor is 1890 ℃ and also the boiling point is 3800 ℃. It has great wear resistance, rust resistance and also oxidation resistance at heat (1000 ~ 1100 ℃). Coming from a cermet.

The applications of chromium carbide

Particularly chromium carbide has numerous excellent buildings, such as solid chemical security, high solidity at space temperature level and also thermal hardness, great resistance to acid and alkali rust, good wear resistance, high melting factor, and also excellent wettability with steels such as and also. In the steel carbide, the oxidation resistance of zui is high, as well as the oxidation temperature is as high as. When chromium is used as a prevention, the grain development of cemented carbide can be efficiently managed. Furthermore, chromium carbide is not just an additive of eruptive bonding product with excellent wear resistance and a high-grade cermet basic material. It can additionally be used as splashing powder. For example, splashing powder has good corrosion, oxidation, and also wear resistance at heats. Because of its outstanding characteristics, chromium carbide has been commonly used in the metallurgical sector, electronic sector, high-temperature immune coating, aerospace, and other fields.

Chromium carbide has high firmness, high melting point, high flexible modulus, chemical deterioration resistance, as well as wear resistance as well as has turned into one of the extensively made use of steel carbides. In reducing tools, chromium carbide powder generally plays an essential role as a surface finishing. In Fe-Cr-C alloy, chromium carbide is an essential precipitation stage, giving the material exceptional wear resistance. Chromium is an essential wear-resistant phase, while hardness, as a considerable mechanical criterion in the style of wear-resistant products, has yet to obtain a reasonably precise result.

Chemical homes of chromium carbide

Chromium carbide (CnC) has a low solidity of 1710 and also a density of 6.68 g. m), a thermal growth coefficient of 10.3 x 10 ~ K (20-100) as well as a thermal conductivity of 19.1 W.m-+. K-1. Its main features are that the carbide has a high room temperature level, thermal firmness, and good wettability with steels such as CoNi. It is used in metal mold compounds.

Just how is chromium carbide made?

Producing chromium carbide by a mix of aluminothermic reduction as well as vacuum furnacing at temperature levels of 1500°& deg; C as well as over. A blend of chromium metal, chromium oxide and also carbon is prepared and afterwards loaded into a vacuum cleaner heater. The pressure in the heater is reduced and also the temperature level boosted to 1500°& deg; C. The carbon reacts with the chromium oxide to form chromium metal as well as carbon monoxide, which is drained into the vacuum pumps. The chromium steel then integrates with the remaining carbon to develop the chromium carbide

The cost of chromium carbide.

The marketplace cost of Chromium carbide is influenced by different elements. Currently, its market value is in the process of vibrant modification. If you require it, please call us at any moment.

Chromium carbide supplier

(aka. Modern Technology Co., Ltd.) is a trusted international chemical material vendor and also supplier with 12 years of experience offering high-grade chemical products as well as manufacturing procedures. Presently, our company has actually successfully established a series of powder products. OEM solution is readily available. If you are seeking Boron Chromium carbide, please contact us or click the required products to send us a query.

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