Wrigleyville Rooftop Owners Facing Foreclosure Suit

According to reports from the Sun-Times and Crain’s Chicago Business, a complaint was filed by Fifth-Third Bank in federal court last Friday against Thomas Gramatis, Max Waisvisz and Daniel Finkel, who are partners of the properties located at 3617, 3619 and 3637 N. Sheffield Ave.

Fifth-Third Bank lent the rooftop owners “and various holding companies about $18.6 million between 2006 and 2012 and the owners haven’t kept up with the mortgage payments.” According to the Sun-Times, the partners “owe in excess of $36 million in principal, interests and other fees.”

Max Waisvisz also owns Gold Coast Tickets told Danny Ecker he “will continue running the rooftop business and is hoping to generate enough revenue to pay the bills.” According to the Sun-Times report, Waisvisz indicated “he would consider selling his ownership in the properties” and commented, “It was a beautiful thing while it lasted and we hope it continues, but you never know.”

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