Wrigley Field Restoration Update: Ald. Tunney Wants Cubs to Start Project

According to a report from the Sun-Times, Alderman Tom Tunney “ridiculed the Cubs as a needy group” last Wednesday and questioned as to why the team had not obtained permits to begin the restoration project this off-season.

When the Cubs announced the plans to Restore Wrigley Field, the first of five phases was supposed to begin the day after the final home game of the season. The Cubs played their last game of the year on September 25.

The Cubs have not applied for or acquired the permits necessary to begin construction on the clubhouse, which was supposed to be ready for Opening Day of the 2014 season. The team and the Ricketts family has stated repeatedly the project would not begin until they received the proper assurances from the rooftop club owners that they would not pursue legal action to protect their views of Wrigley Field.

The Cubs have been cleared by the city to install the large video board in left field, the see-through sign in right field and to move the foot print of the park in order to accommodate the additions to the 100-year old facility.

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