Wrigley 2016 Plan?

From the Cubs Convention:

Wrigley 2014 no longer looks like a possibility. The Cubs were planning to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Wrigley Field and were trying to get the All-Star game as well. The renovations to Wrigley have to be done first, plus 2014 is an American League year.

The Cubs will try to have the celebration in 2016 … the 100th Anniversary of the Cubs moving into Wrigley Field.

The Ricketts family wants to be open-minded about upgrades and changes to Wrigley Field without changing the game day experience. It did not sound like Wrigley will have features of the new parks … but he did not rule out a jumbotron. Tom visited several of the newer parks last season and did not like all of the noise in between innings.

Once the renovations begin they will be done in the off-season, like the Red Sox did with Fenway. It is more expensive to do them in the off-season but it will keep the Cubs from having to play their home games in a different park for a season.

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