Ricketts: ‘We had a deal’ on Wrigley Field plaza

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has publicy played the good cop role throughout his team’s extensive tussling with City Hall over the renovation of Wrigley Field and redevelopment of its surrounding area.

But much like the concrete that has fallen from the historic ballpark’s concourse in recent years, that front of affability appears to be eroding when it comes to the latest battle.

Ricketts went on the offensive today in a public dispute with Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th, over alcohol sales in the plaza his family is building next to Wrigley Field.

Speaking at an annual luncheon the team holds with the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce, Ricketts blasted Tunney for allegedly reneging on agreed rules that would govern the space adjacent to the ballpark’s west side.

“We had a deal,” Ricketts told dozens of local entrepreneurs in an impassioned plea for support for the cause, calling the Wrigley Field renovation and redevelopment his “family legacy.”

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