Residents fear ‘Times Square effect’ of signs in Wrigley plan

The Chicago Cubs provided detailed descriptions of the signs the team would like to place outside Wrigley Field in its zoning application, but the precise locations of large outfield signs were not included in the paperwork filed with City Hall.

The 63-page document obtained by the Tribune shows the team proposes to install 6,560 square feet of signs on a planned hotel. A plaza that the team would like to create on a triangle-shaped parcel just west of the stadium would include 5,825 square feet of signs.

The Cubs also would like to sell naming rights to a six-story office building it would like to construct on Waveland Avenue.

In all, the Cubs are seeking permission to place more than 35,000 square feet of signs on the exterior of Wrigley Field and outside the stadium. Much of the space would be devoted to advertising, featuring the names and logos of the team’s sponsors.

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