Renovations Behind Schedule

Crane Kenney met with bloggers yesterday…

The biggest news made Tuesday: Kenney told the group that the bleacher construction project is, in fact, behind schedule, largely due to delays in finishing water-main work on Sheffield Avenue. The Sheffield work was begun right after the Zac Brown concert at Wrigley September 13 and was supposed to be completed by October 6. As you’ve no doubt seen from the photos we post every day here, they’re still wrapping up that work nearly two months behind schedule, and can’t even stage any of the heavy equipment on Sheffield (as it is now on Waveland) until that work is done.

The water-main issue isn’t the only reason they’re a bit behind; they have already had issues with not being able to work on some of the bad-weather days we’ve already suffered. Kenney noted Monday in particular, when there were high winds and the workers were simply sent home. Further, there have been design plan changes since the project began, so Kenney wasn’t blaming the city for the fact that the project, which is now up to a total overall cost of $600 million, is behind schedule.

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