Phase One of Wrigley Restoration

Phase One: 2014-15

  • Structural steel and concrete work throughout the facility
  • Budweiser Bleacher expansion and restoration in left and right field
    • An additional 15 feet of space in the left- and right-field Budweiser Bleachers
    • New concession areas and restroom facilities
    • Beautiful new outfield group terraces
    • An additional 300 Bleacher seats
  • Expansion of the Budweiser Bleachers to include outfield signage
    • A 3,990-square-foot video board in left field
    • A 2,400-square-foot video board in right field
    • A 650-square-foot sign in right field
    • Additional outfield signs
  • Work on the third-base side concourse, including new restroom facilities
  • Excavation in the triangle property to prepare the foundation for new player facilities, a concessions prep and staging space, and office development

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