Outfield silence eerie during Wrigley Field renovation

The Cubs still may be getting some grief from neighbors for the volume emanating from the jumbo-sized sound video board in left, and even received a complaint from as far away as Fullerton Avenue.

But the sounds of silence are eerie for outfielders dealing with the new norm at Wrigley Field.

Short-handed Cubs still mulling Kris Bryant promotion
Short-handed Cubs still mulling Kris Bryant promotion
No fans in the bleachers means no noise is coming from behind them. There’s no need for center fielder Dexter Fowler to shout to right fielder Jorge Soler when positioning themselves before a hitter steps up to the plate.

“It’s different because I’m talking to the left fielder and right fielder and I’m like ‘Hey “Soley,” come over here,'” Fowler said.

Due to construction delays, the left field bleachers will remain closed until May 11 while the right field bleachers are slated to open sometime in mid-to-late June. That means the outfielders actually can hear themselves think during play.

The absence of Wrigley’s “Bleacher Bums” also has had a calming effect on opposing outfielders accustomed to hearing insults lobbed at them during the course of a game.

“It’s definitely much quieter out there,” Reds left fielder Marlon Byrd said. “You can usually hear the fans in the bleachers yelling stuff at you non-stop. I only heard one guy (from the left field stands) yell ‘You’re fat’ to me.”

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