More Wrigley Field Renovation Plans Revealed

Once the Cubs finish renovating Wrigley Field, some of the most luxurious seats at the historic stadium may not even come with a view of the field.

As part of its four-year, $575 million overhaul of the stadium and surrounding area, the team wants to build “bunker suites” below the stands near the Cubs dugout and down the third base line, according to plans the team filed with the city.

The three suites are shown on architectural drawings and described in an eight-page document summarizing the team’s bleachers revisions and construction phases. The materials, which the Tribune obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, were submitted to the city prior to a July landmarks commission hearing in which the plan received approval, but some of the details in those materials have not been previously disclosed.

The records reveal more about the Cubs’ plans than the team has said publicly, in part because the suites did not need approval. Additionally, the records provide more details on an upper-level concourse just below the roof line, which will be a conduit between patios and allow fans to walk the length of the ballpark along Clark and Addison streets. That concourse was depicted in previous renderings but never described in detail.

The suites beneath the stadium will not have views of the field but will lead to seating areas, team spokesman Julian Green said. He said the suites’ use hasn’t been determined. “We are still exploring the use and function of the bunker suites,” Green said.

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