Landmarks commission staff recommends approving Wrigley plans

Staff members of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks have proposed several conditions for approval of the latest renovation plans for Wrigley Field.

Those conditions were made public at a commission meeting Tuesday at which a vote was expected on the plan.

The Cubs’ latest plan includes seven signs in the outfield, including two new video boards. It also would move the bullpens underneath the outfield bleachers, making way for more seats along the foul lines.

An earlier plan had fewer signs and did not include the relocated bullpens.

Some neighbors have objected to additional outfield signs, in part because more signs will impede the view from some of the rooftops surrounding Wrigley. The owners of those rooftop viewing decks have a revenue-sharing agreement with the team.

Cubs officials say the renovations are needed to generate more revenue and remain competitive, as well as to keep the 100-year-old ballpark functional.

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