Judge denies rooftops’ attempt to halt Wrigley signs

A federal judge today denied a request for a temporary restraining order that would have halted construction of new outfield signage at Wrigley Field. The judge’s decision clears the way for the Chicago Cubs to proceed with an ongoing project to add new video boards at the ballpark.

In a legal victory for the team, U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Kendall told attorneys for the owners of two rooftop businesses overlooking the stadium that the emergency court order they sought, which would have prevented the Cubs from putting up a 2,250-square-foot video board in right field in the next few weeks, was not warranted.

“There is not an irreparable injury (to the rooftops) at this moment that merits the extraordinary relief that’s been requested,” the judge said in her ruling. “While the injury (to the rooftops) is unpleasant, they haven’t demonstrated at this stage that the injury is likely to be impermissible.”

The ruling followed several hours of arguments in court yesterday, when attorneys for both sides in the long-running dispute laid out their cases on the legality of the team’s sign construction. The rooftops are 11 years into contracts they signed with the Cubs that they say guaranteed their clear views into Wrigley Field in exchange for 17 percent of all their pretax revenue.

The rooftop owners claim the threat of signs going up has hindered their ability to sell tickets for the upcoming season.


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