It’ll Cost $250 To Watch Cubs On TV At Some Wrigleyville Bars This Weekend

And you thought World Series parking in Wrigleyville was expensive.

Bars near Wrigley Field are charging as much as $250 — per person — to get inside this weekend to watch the Cubs play in the World Series … on TV.

At several bars, the steep charge gets you drinks and a buffet, but no guarantee of a seat.

To guarantee a four-seat table, that’ll cost you an extra $500 at bars like Old Crow Smokehouse, Deuces and The Diamond Club and John Barleycorn. Casey Moran’s and Moe’s Cantina have similar watch party packages for home games Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Internet lit up last weekend with people aghast that The Cubby Bear was asking a $100 cover charge to watch the National League Championship Series across the street from Wrigley Field.

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