Emanuel, Ricketts meet on Wrigley rebuild deal

Their meeting was scheduled before DuPage County went public with a bid to lure the Chicago Cubs west. But I’m told that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cubs owner Tom Ricketts had a rather cordial sit-down yesterday about finishing the process of approving plans to rebuild Wrigley Field and keep the team right where it is now.

According to sources who would know, the pair got together in Mr. Emanuel’s office at City Hall. There were no histrionics, threats to split for the burbs, etc.

But there was general agreement that the “framework” the two agreed on a while ago for $500 million in work around and inside Wrigley will be on a fast track, with final approval of at least the Wrigley-proper portion of the deal — signage, Jumbotron, et al. — before the City Council breaks for the summer. In other words, well before Labor Day.

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