Don’t Drive Near Wrigley During The Cubs’ Playoff Run, Ald. Tunney Warns

Don’t drive anywhere near Wrigley Field this weekend, Ald. Tom Tunney said Thursday.

“I recommend you do not bring your car anywhere near the ballpark,” Tunney said, either during Friday’s or Saturday’s home playoff games against the San Francisco Giants or even during other times during the team’s postseason run, Tunney said at a press conference Thursday.

Tunney was joined by officials with the Cubs and city police and emergency management officials in announcing plans for the postseason.

Ariel Cheung talks about the stipulations near Wrigley for the playoffs.

Before the meeting, he emailed a host of parking restrictions that start on noon Friday and extend through 4 a.m. Sunday. Among others, those include parking restrictions on Clark, Sheffield, Addison, Irving Park, Eddy, Cornelia and Newport.

There will also be full street closures beginning three hours before game time on Sheffield between Addison and Waveland and on Waveland form Sheffield to Clark. Other streets might be closed at the discretion of police, the alderman said, and residents should have photo IDs and proof of residence to enter certain streets.

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