Cubs Renovation Plan for Outside Wrigley Field

- New Parking Plan: The Cubs will offer 1,000 free remote parking spots with shuttle to Wrigley Field for all night and weekend games. The program will be readjusted after three years if cost exceeds $100,000 and, if so, fee may be charged or costs of operating the lot may come from community infrastructure projects and investments.

– New Comprehensive Traffic Management Plan: New traffic lights will be installed on Clark Street. One traffic light (cost: $350,000) to be paid by the Cubs and two to be paid for from the existing CubFund.

– New Public Safety Plan: 30 additional safety personnel will be outside the park after games to ensure public safety (10 of which will be provided by Cubs).

– City and Cubs to explore new rules banning low-flying aircraft around Wrigley Field to protect the community from noise and other disturbances.

– Cubs will contribute $1 million to School Street play lot funding effort ($250,000 to come from first year’s infrastructure contribution).

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