Cubs’ new American Airlines 1914 Club

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Cubs transforming home plate seats, adding new club

The first few rows of seats behind home plate at Wrigley Field are about to get a big upgrade. And a big price increase, too.

The Cubs today released plans for a new, all-inclusive underground club space they will build beneath the most-expensive seats in the house, which will only be open to about 600 season-ticket holders in the rows closest to the field and between the dugouts.

Dubbed the American Airlines 1914 Club, the 7,200-square-foot area is being billed as a “VIP experience” that includes upscale food and beverage offerings (alcohol included), padded seating, a dedicated entrance into Wrigley Field and private restrooms, among other amenities.

The space will have three entrances: One from the main concourse near the stadium’s main gate and two others in sections 16 and 24.

Excavation of the new club space is set to begin after this season—it will be dug out from a dirt area currently below the seats—and the team plans to continue construction throughout next year with an eye on opening it for the start of the 2018 season.

That gives fans that currently sit in the affected seats time to decide whether they want to keep them. If they do, it’s going to cost more.

Cubs Vice President of Sales and Marketing Colin Faulkner said price increases won’t be shared publicly for a couple weeks, but that they will be “in line with similar experiences in other places,” citing similar offerings at Yankee Stadium and Nationals Park.

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