Cubs hit Wrigley Field deadline but striking out on deal

What happens if you set a deadline for a big-money deal to get done and it comes and goes without agreement? Do you threaten to leave town or stay at the bargaining table and keep hammering away at it?

Barring a home run in the bottom of the ninth, Chicago is about to find out when it comes to Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts’ demand for an April 1 deal to pave the way for a $300 million renovation of 99-year-old Wrigley Field and avoid losing another construction season.

Talks continued Monday — as they did all last week and the week before — aimed at resolving the signage dispute between the Cubs and rooftop club owners that stands in the way of a deal.

But there was still no agreement that would allow the rooftops to survive and thrive and still give the Cubs the advertising revenue they need to renovate the landmark stadium.

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