Cubs fire back at rooftop owners’ attempt to halt Wrigley renovations

The Chicago Cubs have fired the latest brushback pitch in their duel with the owners of the rooftop businesses near Wrigley Field.

Those owners had gone to court seeking a temporary restraining owner to stop renovation and construction work at the ballpark, which opened in 1914.

Right after last season ended, the Cubs started work on ballpark renovations that included tearing down and rebuilding the bleachers, as well as other ballpark improvements.

Various rooftop owners had objected to the renovations because they would include additional signs beyond the walls in right and left field — signs that, they argued, would hinder the view of the field from the roofs of the buildings along Sheffield and Waveland avenues.

In motions filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Chicago, the team calls that request “extraordinary and drastic.”

“Plaintiffs admit they knew all about a claimed ‘obstruction’ for two years before construction began. They sat and waited, yet now claim emergency,” according to the motion.

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