Cubs Fans Celebrate World Series Title in Wrigleyville

Chicago Cubs fans celebrated into the early morning Thursday, waving “W” flags out of cars and doling out high-fives in honor of the team’s first World Series title in 108 years.

They set off fireworks, climbed light poles and smashed a media van’s windshield, roaming the streets past 4 a.m. and keeping police officers at work into the morning rush hour.

In the moments after the Cubs sealed the championship, fans from the bars flooded Clark Street. Many tried to make it to the Wrigley Field marquee, only to find their paths blocked by Illinois State troopers forming solid lines around the intersection.

Fans crammed onto Clark Street as close to Addison as possible, jockeying for good positions for photos with the marquee, which read “World Series Champions.”

Several shimmied up light poles, climbed on restaurant planters and stood on top of vehicles. Officers surrounded one man until he came down, while another fell, according to media reports. First responders were called to assist him.

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